Sunday, April 20, 2008

Vintage Goodies - Ladies' Stockings

This is from a book dating to the 1870's-1880's (I can't recall the exact date, and I'm not going to get up and look right now; I'll post a correction later). It's been awhile since I scanned these photos in; hopefully they all belong to the same pattern ;-)

Click on the images to see a larger version, please.

1884 is the year of this pattern, I believe. I can verify it if needed - just leave a comment!

Vintage Goodies - Surplice Dress

Another lovely pattern from the wonderful Belding Corticelli Bk KP 13 book. Click on the photos of the pattern to see a larger size.

World's Smallest KAL

Tomorrow I start what we're calling the World's Smallest KAL; gekofab and I both own copies of the Charlotte Bronte Shawl pattern, which is based on a shawl that was owned by Charlotte Bronte. We've decided to cast on tomorrow, which is both Charlotte's and gekofob's birthday.

We seem to be the only two people on Ravelry who own this pattern, hence the two-person KAL. She's knitting hers up in some pink tweed (I can't remember if she named the yarn or not); I'm knitting mine up in a much larger yarn in the sport/DK range, Silver Creek BFL space-dyed in the burgundy colorway. I was a little concerned about using multi on this, but the swatch knitted up quite nicely:

I'm thinking of starting a group for this; I mean, just because there's only two of us doesn't mean we shouldn't have a group!

Blah Blah Blog

I suspect I actually pilfered that title from someone's blog, as it seems too clever for my Sunday morning brain. Apologies for the lack of attribution - at least I'm refusing to take credit for it. I've nothing big to focus on (however, "Meat the Press" is on in the background, so it's always possible that I'll lose it and start yelling at David Brooks), but I haven't given up on trying to post with a bit more regularity. So here goes...

I posted some of my older FOs on Ravelry; can't say there is much that's exciting to look at , although I do like the Orca Tails scarf - I knitted two, but gifted one to a friend before I could photograph it. I also like my Bad Juju doll, but I have to get some photos of it - it's in my office at work. I had debated giving it to someone, but he was so cute that I had to keep him. This explains why I ended up purchasing some Selfish Knitter buttons from the lovely Cdaniele on Ravelry; I've gotten to the point where I won't knit for people who aren't knitters, or don't appreciate the value of fine yarn and the hours spent creating something. If you'd rather all your stuff came from Chinese child labor, you deserve what you get.

Another tale of selfish knitting - someone had asked me many, many moons ago, to knit them up a nice scarf, no wool (I know a lot of no wool types, another reason why I don't knit so much for others). So I picked up some lovely Blue Heron Cotton/Rayon seed yarn. I showed them the yarn - they had asked for something along hand painted lines - and they looked all pistol sprung and asked if I could get it in a solid...not bloody likely, as I was now the proud owner of $30+ of yarn that I would not have purchased for myself (it's lovely, but just not my first choice). So after having this in my stash forever (a couple of years, at least), I searched projects on Ravelry for something suitable to make out of this and found someone who has made three Clapotis out of it. She includes notes about her modifications to the pattern to accommodate the yarn - the perfect Ravelry project description! Woo hoo!

NB: I linked to the original sources of the patterns, not my project photos. If you are on Ravelry, you can find me under feraljane; if you're not, the links would be useless, at least until Ravelry goes public.