Saturday, September 15, 2007

Drinking and Knitting

Ah, it's tempting to post while I'm tipsy...but I'll spare my dear readers. No, instead I'm going to attempt some k2p2 ribbing while enojoying a bottle of cab merlot all by myself. If something bizarre happens while I'm engaged in this dangerous combination of activities, I'll post a photo. Hic! (Yes, I'm really hiccuping.)

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Slowest Knitter in the World

I’m still working on the mystery stole – clue 1. Yeah, well, first I ended up frogging the entire first clue (long story – my life line came out during the frogging so I ended up destroying the entire clue…sigh!). So I started over, but we had a heat wave and I didn’t want to sweat all over my lace yarn, so the piece sat forever. Then I’ve been going out of town a bit, and it’s not the kind of project that travels well, not for me, with my spreadsheets all over the place, rulers, etc. So I’m just now finishing up the first clue. Oh well, no big deal – I have several options for how I want to finish up the piece, and a collection of messages about other knitter’s issues in trouble spots. Works for me!

And since I’m so freaking far behind on all my projects, I started up a little lace charting project on the Charting Lace group – I’m posting some of my 19th c. lace patterns (mostly insertions and edgings of some sort) for everyone to practice their skills. Nothing too demanding at this point – in part because my skills are so far from being up-to-speed, as well as not having 20 hours a month to spend charting things. At some point I’ll make those patterns available here, too, along with charts.

I have a ladies stocking pattern I’m going to post sometime this weekend. No, I haven’t knitted it. If I were to only post items I’d completed, there would be very little to post. For anyone who works one of these patterns and finds errata, please let me know so I can post it for others. You'll get credit for being an intrepid and intelligent knitter, too!

There will be more later, I promise…but I still don’t recommend holding your breath.