Sunday, April 20, 2008

World's Smallest KAL

Tomorrow I start what we're calling the World's Smallest KAL; gekofab and I both own copies of the Charlotte Bronte Shawl pattern, which is based on a shawl that was owned by Charlotte Bronte. We've decided to cast on tomorrow, which is both Charlotte's and gekofob's birthday.

We seem to be the only two people on Ravelry who own this pattern, hence the two-person KAL. She's knitting hers up in some pink tweed (I can't remember if she named the yarn or not); I'm knitting mine up in a much larger yarn in the sport/DK range, Silver Creek BFL space-dyed in the burgundy colorway. I was a little concerned about using multi on this, but the swatch knitted up quite nicely:

I'm thinking of starting a group for this; I mean, just because there's only two of us doesn't mean we shouldn't have a group!


Anonymous said...

I have that pattern too! Just not ready to knit it yet. :-(

Jane said...

I'll post my adventures - right now the center section is only an inch long, so there's not much to say. My KAL partner, gekofob, is considering knitting the edging at the same time as the body, so if you decide you're feeling adventurous when it comes time to knit it, you can ask her for specifics. Me, I don't have enough time to figure out some smarter way to do it, so I'm just going to follow the directions.