Friday, May 09, 2008

Two Nut Hamburgers, Please!

I'm at home today, full of vicodan and advil due to some dental work I had yesterday. I didn't expect it to be quite as painful as it was once the Novocaine wore off. The dentist did warn me that it would be sensitive; I found out exactly how sensitive when I went to eat a bit of ripe cheese after I got back from dance class. It hurt (or as Ralph Wiggum would say, it tasted hurty). Cheese should not hurt. All my main chewing teeth went into protest mode - how dare I chew with them! So out came the big time meds - and again, 3.5 hours later, when the first dose hadn't done enough - and 5 hours later when protesting teeth woke me up. I guess I was clenching too hard in my sleep.

Anyway, I quit being high around 12:30 PM today (it's funny, the stuff keeps me buzzed and dizzy long after it has quit working on the pain), and so I got online. After eating room temperature yogurt for lunch.

I'll be blogging more this weekend, but I thought I'd post these photos of something I found in my father's stuff. The good ol' days!


Miss T said...

What a fabulous menu! I'm dying to try a nut hamburger now. Or at least see one.

Jane said...

I wish I had found this before my father died, because I have no idea what a nut burger is.

I love the prices, too; I wish I could time travel, if only for the food prices. And the vintage knitting magazines. And yarns.

Bob said...

I tried as hard as I could to find any information about "The Barrel" in Vineland to see if it still existed, but nothing relevant shows up. Maybe I'll try "nut burger" next.... Inquiring minds want to know about nut burgers. What made them so good?