Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Good Witch Glenda

This is the yarn I ordered from 100purewool. Compare this with the photos in the previous post. Admittedly my photo was taken in the sun, but I assure you, even in the dimness of my cave the colors simply are not this intense.

I'm not displeased enough to hassle with returning it (to Uruguay, no less), and the yarn is yummy to touch. But what I received was not what I expected, to be sure.

The yarn is not stinky, felted, knotted or broken, so they are not in the running for the MCY Quality Award I also got my yarn in a decent amount of time (two weeks, or just under), which isn't bad considering where they ship from (yep, Uruguay). I would suggest caution if you are counting on getting yarn colors that look like their photograph. I have found to have much more reliable representations of their colors than 100purewool, but their lace weight yarn isn't quite a yummy.

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