Friday, May 04, 2007

Rather Stupid Article About Knitting

I must say, I like the 21st cent. revival of knitting better than the early/mid-1980's version (many ugly patterns during that time). Perhaps because there was nothing like the internet, anyone doing odd, radical, creative, punk knitting never got noticed or known. I only had a couple of friends in the punk scene who were into knitting, and no one was getting all that creative (I was the weird one with my vintage patterns).

On an unrelated topic, I learned something new about Blogger; if you take months or years to publish a draft, it shows up on the date you started it, not the date you published. Since it takes me forever to publish anything, if you're looking for old patterns, you may wish to check the archives for previous months. I just published something I started in Feb, and that's where it is on the post now. Arse biscuits! I have a suit from the late 1910's - early 1920's that I hope to publish, but I started it last month, so it won't show up in'll have to travel back to April something or other to see it.

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