Thursday, March 04, 2010

By Special Request

I've plenty to blog about - mostly about how I didn't accomplish shit last month.

No FOs.

A Knit Olympics 'Fail' - disqualified for abusing Benadryl. That's what happens when we get Spring in February - I sneeze, my eyes water all the time, and I end up one of the living dead on nasty antihistamines. (Please don't write me and testify to the efficacy of some new-fangled one out on the market; I fell for the Claritin scam a couple of times and still ended up brain dead.)

But I'm not going to write about that, or anything else right now. I'm just posting some lovely stocking tops from this 1884 classic:


Compiled and Edited by Marie Louise Kerzman, Published by Henry Bristow, Brooklyn, New York 1884.

I love this little book, full of nifty designs. I mentioned some knitted tops for stockings in a comment on Severina's blog, the Omnigraphic Blogopticon. Sev's been one of my favorite bloggers for years, and in fact, someday I'm going to make a necklace out of chicken bones - just you wait. In fact, I might gift one of my lucky readers with such a fantastic creation, heh heh. But I digress.

I mentioned I had these patterns, and she requested them. Never say I don't try to be accommodating, eh? So without further ado, five mediocre scans of knitted stocking tops (I miss the HP scanners we had at work - those babies rarely let me down). A good click on the images will take you to an even larger version, for those who hate tiny print.  Enjoy!

PS - I actually did finish one thing last month. I wasn't kidding about the Benadryl. Who knows what else I did last month that I slept through? And under the category of "De Gustibus Non Disputandum", I wrote this post listening to the soundtrack of "Dune" - The Lynch "Dune", the Toto s/t.


Severina said...

My primitive ISP hates me and wouldn't let me make a comment yesterday, dammit to hell. I suppose I should upgrade to phone service and dump this tin-cans-and-string contraption.

Ya know, the scalloped stocking top is my favorite too. I'm also sitting here hitting myself in the head because I should have been able to think up something similar on my own. Duh!

It's a wonder I can remember to breathe sometimes.

Viviana said...

Sure, you could make something up - but this crap is authentic! See, anything you do now can be 'inspired by' or 'a reference to' the authentic. (Yes, I did spend too many hours in critical theory classes. My apologies.)

What I like is that someone else had to futz to get the patterns to work in the round, assuming that they do. I'm always up for that!