Wednesday, December 09, 2009

'ere, now, wot's all this, then?

Picking on the knitters  - for shame!  From The Telegraph

9. Mother Clancy must have found the deal of the year at the Arran jumper shop: 'Buy one get three free'. 

I must admit, though, that's a lot of Aran knitting on those four boys. Hopefully some knitter was handsomely paid for all that cabling.


Severina said...

Holy crap, that's a lot of Aran wool.

My very first sweater designed from scratch was a giant Aran pullover that used pretty much every pattern from the Barbara Walker books I could manage, lovingly crafted in Aran-ish acrylic, which despite its massiveness isn't even warm. Being designed circa 1985 it's also big enough for three grown men to fit into--I was going for the ever-popular 80s "borrowed it from the Jolly Green Giant" look. It takes up an entire dresser drawer by itself. Oddly, every time I try to put it in the thrift store bag it somehow crawls back out.

Must post it sometime. There are also photos of me knitting the effin' thing somewhere.

Typical. My WV is "exesse".

Viviana said...

Heh, beginning knitters are so cute when they're stupid! And the 1980's were a scary era for knitting, to be sure. All those innocent knitters making over-sized sweaters with huge shoulder pads for that special hunchback look.

My first self-designed project, circa 1985, was based on the 'design it yourself' section of The Good Housekeeping Needlcraft Encyclopedia by Alice Carroll, 1947. I had a ton of cones of some ugly green mill-end yarn. I was going to add some panels of lace from one of the BW books - fortunately my tendency to never finish anything took over.

Somewhere in my mother's garage is several inches of an ugly green sweater, never to be completed.

I look forward to seeing your Aran-o-rama sweater eventually. If it'll make you feel better, I'll do a post with pictures of all the crappy eyelash yarn in my stash. (What was I thinking? I'm not a fuzzy clothing person! On sale is not an excuse!)

Severina said...

I have that Alice Carroll book and it rules!

But I am so familiar with ugly mill-end yarn. I should stay away from anything on a cone in a plastic bag, found waay in the back of the pile at the thrift store.

Why do we all buy eyelash yarn? Gahh. The only thing I ever made from it that was any good was a black "gorilla pelt" scarf made with black eyelash and black cotton knitted together in garter stitch. That damn thing's the warmest scarf I own. Something else I must post.

Viviana said...

That Alice Carroll book was my first vintage knitting book - I was obsessed with it for the first year that I had it. I learned a lot about repairing vintage sweaters that my cat would try to eat...

The best thing I ever made with eyelash yarn were some fingerless mitts to wear at work - when I had a job - because they kept the building so damned cold! They were multicolor and hairy; the scientists at work would see me walking around the building with magenta-and-blue fuzzy hands and freak out... heh heh! The stuff can be warm, but the fun of knitting dissipates quickly. Like on the third row of whatever you're knitting.