Friday, January 02, 2009

Xmas Gifties

I did receive a couple of excellent holiday gifts to please the knitter in me.

My swap buddy GypsyGirl sent me some lovely, lace-weight merino in a delightful brick-ish red:

She also sent me a lovely pattern to go with the yarn, so I won't have to try and decide which lace project to use it on. That's actually a painful process, leading to lots of lace yarn not being knitted up. She sent me other knitterly delights including a black sheep - I want to thank her for the lovely holiday package!

And my friend Anton, now that he's beginning to appreciate what knitting is about, picked up a couple of things at ye local yarne shoppe for me. One was some of the softest cotton I've ever handled in my life - it was love at first touch!

And some silky Malabrigo; I'm going to knit up a pair of Susan Pandorf's mitts with it:

Finally, we always have crackers at Christmas - the things you pull apart that go 'bang' and have a paper crown, a prize, and a bad joke within. I received a knitting joke en francais:

Patricia: Savais-tu que ca prend 3 moutons pour faire un cardigan?

Emilie: Je ne savais meme pas qu'ils pouvaient tricoter.

Heh, heh.

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