Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Craptastic Craft Idea!

Yesterday a friend of mine and I went shopping at the Goodwill near her home. As a knitter, a stop at the craft section is de rigeur, and who am I to disobey the laws of knitting, non? So I found a couple of bags that had some nice wool yarns in them - photos to follow someday - but of course there were a couple of balls of acrylic origin (or suspected acrylic origin). So, what to do, what to do. I appreciate that there are good uses for the stuff, but I don't have small children or animals, and I don't knit for relatives who don't appreciate quality fibers. I'm fine with people having other criteria for preferring synthetic fibers, but I don't see why I have to pretend to share or agree with those criteria.

Anywho, my friend later gifted me with a bottle of her homemade raspberry vinegar (inspired by my father, she found some mother of vinegar and is now making her own). So when I was packing up all my luggage to head home, I pondered how to pack the bottle of vinegar so that it wouldn't be endangered. And voila! I found the perfect solution - the yarn skein cozy!!!

The perfect gift, folks - enjoy!


KarenK said...

Now, THAT looks like a quick and easy project that is perfect for crap acrylic! :-D

Jane said...

Absolutely - you don't have to waste your time knitting anything with it to feel as if it has purpose in this life.