Friday, June 08, 2007

Crochet Miser's Purse

{Articles from The Young Ladies Journal, January 1901}

Purse: Crochet

Purse silk and a medium size steel hook are used for this purse. The stitches must be tightly and evenly worked.

Commence at one end with 3 chain, join round.

1st Row: 2 doubles into each stitch.

2nd Row: Work 1 double in the 1st stitch, 2 in the next, and so on, till the end of the row.

3rd Row: 2 doubles in every 3rd stitch.

4th Row: Increase in every 4th stitch by worked (sic) 2 doubles into the stitch.

5th Row: Increase in every 5th stitch.

6th Row: Increase in every 6th stitch.

7th Row: Increase in every 7th stitch.

8th Row: Increase in every 8th stitch.

9th Row: Increase in every 9th stitch.

10th Row: Increase in every 10th stitch.

Now continue to work without increase until you reach the opening, that will be measuring 2-1/2 to 3 inches from the first row according to the size you wish the purse to be.

For the opening, work backwards and forwards with 1 double into each stitch for about 1-1/2 inch. When this is done, begin to work in the round again, and work the same length without decrease as you did for the other end, then decrease in the same proportion as you increased. Sew a tassel to each end and slip on two steel, silver or gilt rings. A simple design may be worked in on each end in cross-stitch with silk of another colour, or with steel beads.

Description of Fashion Engravings

Bodice - Mercerised spotted velveteen makes up well in this style. The chemisette of lace is threaded through with the narrowest black ribbon velvet; this is attached to the tight-fitting lining on the right side, and is hooked over to the left. No bust seams are taken up in the velvet; it is strained over the lining, and what little fulness there is is gathered and sewn to the lining. The right side crosses over to the left, and fastens under a bow of ribbon velvet on the bust, which is connected by a strap to another bow at the side. The edge is trimmed with rows of ribbon velvet in two sizes.

The sleeves are trimmed at the top by velvet threaded lace, over silk, the edge being trimmed with ribbon velvet. Ruffles of lace finish the wrists.

Materials required: 2-1/2 yds velveteen, 5/8 yds lace 18 inches wide, 3-1/2 yds narrow velvet, 2 yds wider width, 3-1/2 yds for bow and waistband.


Baked Apple Batter Pudding - 1/2 lb flour, 1 saltspoonful salt, 1 pint milk, 3 eggs, 3/4 lb apples, 2 tablespoonfuls white sugar, 2 oz butter. Make a smooth batter with the flour, salt and milk, mixing the flour to a paste, and gradually stirring in the milk; when quite smooth, add 3 eggs well beaten, butter a pie-dish, and pour in the batter; take the apples, peel and cut them in slices, put them in the batter with the sugar; place the butter on the top in small pieces, and bake for 3/4 hour. When baked, sprinkle sugar on the top, and serve very hot.

Boiled Celery - Cut the celery in convenient and equal lengths; boil in salted water until tender, but not watery; drain, and serve with white sauce. Put in a small saucepan a tablespoonful of butter, and when melted stir in as much flour; add a cup of boiling milk, graduatlly, so that there will be no lumping, season with pepper and salt, and pour over the celery.


Severina said...

Boiled celery, nummy! I have a lovely 1930s recipe that will go just dandy with it--lemon Jell-O and tuna. I think everyone wants seconds, I made plenty.

Jane said...

Personally, I don't see how anyone could possibly get enough boiled celery.

The lemon Jell-O and tuna sounds like a dish you take to the office potluck in hopes of never being invited again.